Kirkeiner Music Studio

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Can your child match most pitches while singing? 
Yes?  Candidate for regular vocal technique lessons
No?  Pitch - matching help is needed

* Students should be able to match pitch in order to take regular vocal technique lessons.  
Students who struggle to match-pitch need a different type of lesson. ****(See note below in green) ****

  • PREPARE TO SING A VARIETY OF QUALITY LITERATURE: I teach vocal technique with vocal exercises and use good vocal literature.  Students should expect to learn at least one Art song, Broadway song, Folk song, and Contemporary/Pop/Jazz song each year.  Learning tons of pop and Broadway songs does not equate "voice lessons" if no vocal technique was improved.  Be open - minded about all genres of good vocal music that will help your technique and voice.  Each student will purchase a Broadway Book and a Folk Music Book to use as our curriculum. 

  • TECHNIQUE GOALS:  Registers and pitch placement: Open/Round Tones; Diaphragmatic breath control; Enunciation; Agility; Intonation; Smoothing out register changes; Expanding the vocal range; Expression and Performance Confidence.   YOUNG MEN: Keeping the head voice register and smoothing it into the lower tones.  (And the reverse)  Learning how to get the brain to map the new voice mechanics and changes.  

  • STUDENT HEARS HIS/HER PITCH: All vocal technique students need to have the capacity to hear themselves and recognize if he/she is on pitch.  (Ability to match pitch). 
  • If your child significantly sings off-pitch, please ask if I am available outside of my normal schedule to do pitch-matching lessons. I start with a musical hearing screening to make sure he/she can literally hear differences in pitches.  If so, I start trying to help the student feel where the pitch vibrations are in the different resonators of the body and produce the pitch correctly.  It is a challenging thing to completely remedy.     

  • STUDENTS PREPARE RECORDINGS: Every so often, I would like each student to look forward to making an audio recording themselves singing along with an accompaniment.  There is an easy method for it.  No matter whether we physically attend lessons or have virtual lessons, this goal is a way to "perform".  

  • STUDENTS PERFORM IN ISSMA OR NFMC JUNIOR FESTIVAL:  Students should seek the solo preparation experience of attending ISSMA Solo and Ensemble in late January or early February.  They may also opt to participate in the NFMC Festival in mid-March.  These two events provide the opportunity for your child to prepare quality literature and perform.  
  • Lesson Fee 
  • Home Studio: $30 per half hour at my home studio ($120.00 monthly) 
  • Zionsville Middle School $20 per 20 minute session ($80 monthly) 
  • It is assumed each student commits to a school-year in any particular time slot. Tuition for lessons is due at the beginning of each month, and may be paid via Check, Venmo, or Cash.  

I love teaching vocal technique, and look forward to working with your child!  


Mrs. Marie Kirkeiner